Sara Morley: Mixed Media Works

Artspace, Peterborough, Ontario — January 1990
Canal Complex, Montreal — April 1990

A group exhibition: Sara Morley, Katja MacLeod Kessin & Floyd Sandiford

Stick It In

2’x4′, mixed media collage on glass, 1989
(Emma, Kate & Shelley’s windows)

Artist’s Statement

I appropriate windows and use them as a surface for combining drawing, painting and collage techniques. I’m exploring the nature of our domestic landscapes – the façades we put up and the skeletons we hide in our closets. Peering through my windows, the viewer gets a glimpse of nightmarish scenes in which lives are played out.

Porka Madonna

16″x32″, mixed media collage on glass, 1989
(Emma’s window)

Visiting Mama

3’5″x5’10”, mixed media collage on glass, 1989
(Kate’s window)


mixed media, 1990
(Tory’s window)

Coming and Going

2’6″x6’5″, acrylic on glass, 1990
(Jim & Fern’s window)

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