Sara Morley: Solo Exhibition

Concordia Women’s Centre, Montreal — April 1989

Is Anyone Home?



Anatomical Savings

A Walk with Auntie

What’s for Lunch Mum?

See No Evil

Round the Bend

Artist’s Statement

… 3 a.m. A dark, empty apartment. The freeway roars outside my window. The phone rings. Here we go again …

… Three weeks of dirty dishes. Drip, drip, drip. A cockroach scuttles past a rotting teabag. The kitchen is alive and I daren’t go in there.

… 9 months pregnant. Frying in the August heat. Sweating, watching the TV screen. NEWSFLASH! St-Basile-le-Grand-greenhouse-effect-ozone-layer-dioxin-in-my-milk …

Shop and Save! Super Special! Red cans blue cans bright plastic consume now you can do it more more yes wonderful freedon now. Stop. Stare into my reflection. Who is this x-ray woman choking in the fluorescent glare?

… Walking home alone. The underpass is filled with shadows. Is someone following me?

10 black, red and white works on paper.
Scenes from a woman’s nightmare.

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